FAQ – Lawn Vacs

Pro Vac Catcher Systems ​

A: The PV 18, PV 212, PV 230 and PV 232 lawn vacuum systems require installation time of approximately 4 hours.

A: Some holes need to be drilled for the blower mount. For most applications, the catcher mounts simply bolt to the mower frame.

A: Approximately 350-400 lbs.

A: Rub soap and water on the inside of the hose.

Pro Vac 212 Catchers

A: The RC 212, PV 212 catchers require about 45 minutes.

A: Rub soap and water on the inside of the hose.

Universal Blower

A: The belt size varies. Please see the manual for the belt size for your mower.

A: Excessive wear generally indicates installation issues. Click on attached link for detailed instructions U-Blower Installation

A: Approximately 75 lbs.

A: Make you that you have the blower blocking plate installed. Position the blower tight against the discharge and make sure there are no gaps on either side of the blower. You can also try using low lift blades.

A: While cutting thicker wetter grass or when using larger deck sizes you may need to slow down. If this doesn’t work, try using high lift blades to create more turbulence under the deck allowing better material flow into the blower.

A: Protero purchased Turf Specialties. They offered a blower called the Quick Vac. It has a 3/4″ shaft and the drive pulley is located on the outside of the blower. The Pro Vac has a 1″ shaft with the drive pulley on the operator’s side of the machine.