3 Lawn Vacuum Myths Busted

Our lawn, the favorite spot for endless seasonal activities out of doors.  We love the beauty of it as we sip drinks, play Frisbee, and go from house to garage and back again.  It is an essential part of the overall appearance of our home and the neighborhood where we live.  We spend countless hours weekly trying to keep it looking as good as or better than our neighbor’s lawn.

Often, we use a variety of tools to aid us in the upkeep and maintenance of what we consider an essential and beautiful part of the exterior of our home.

One such tool we may find ourselves using is a lawn vacuum. This tool is excellent for the care of the exterior of our home, assisting us in making our home cleaner and neater.  There are, however, some myths that we are going to debunk here.

Myth #1

You will NEVER EVER have to rake your yard again.

Lawn vacuums are designed specifically to suck up loose debris on the lawn which may leave dead grass and other compacted debris in your lawn.

Removing thatch is not something a lawn vacuum can do, and this can choke the lawn, so it doesn’t breathe.  Since it isn’t healthy for the grass, you will need to use a lawn rake for this task.

However, adding a dethatcher to the front of the lawn mower will loosen up compact debris and dead grass and vacuum up all the debris at the same time.

Myth #2

They Don’t Work Well On Small Yards

This myth is geared more towards lawn care companies than it is towards home owners with small yards who have push mowers.

Lawn vacuums actually work super well on small yards and can reduce the amount of time you spend at a clients home 10 fold.  This will allow you to schedule more customers during the season and generate more revenue for your business.

Myth #3

Grass clippings are bad for your lawn.

Grass clippings are actually great for your lawn and can serve many other purposes. When you bag up your grass clippings, you can use this in a variety of different ways to make your lawn and gardens even better.

You can use these clippings to make even better compost or use them around your vegetable garden to control weeds.

While having a lawn vacuum is an excellent help to a homeowner who has little time or energy but wants a great looking yard, getting the right lawn vacuum makes the biggest impact.

Lawn vacuums that attach to your commercial grade lawn mower makes lawn care an easier experience. A lot of these lawn vacuum myths can be busted simply by purchasing the right product.