Commercial Blower

Commercial Blower

Our Commercial Blower has been redesigned.
Design upgrades:

– Our new pulley system offers a significantly longer belt life due to substantial heat reduction.

– Increased fan speeds, larger fan blades and a 7″ hose create a significant increase of air flow (CFM).

– We reversed the direction the fan spins to “flow” the material directly from your deck to the catcher.

– Our new steel liner protects the blower canister in the high wear areas and can be easily replaced.

– 1″ heavy duty sealed bearings with a durable cast housing.

The new blower is a vertical design which adds 12″ to the width of the deck. The blower has a vertical design that provides greater material reduction than a horizontal blower.
Custom Fit

Much like our commercial lawn vacuums each blower is universal. They can also custom fit to the deck with unique mounts to make for the tightest and easiest fit. On most mower decks we fit to existing holes, so little or no drilling is required. Our blowers are made with high-grade steel that provides maximum strength with minimal weight. A belt driven system powers the heavy-duty steel fan creating a powerful vacuum, chopping up the material, and shooting it up to the catcher.

Our Commercial Blower can be used on commercial mowers with deck sizes 48″ to 72″.

Pictured below is our previous Universal Blower (U-Blower) Manufactured from 2001-2007.

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